First Visits

On YourFirst Visit

What to expect when you visit us

A patient’s first visit usually consists of three parts: a case history, a physical examination and a treatment.

The case history is an extensive question and answer period where the doctor works to identify  the circumstances that are causing or contributing to the presenting condition. Any previous health conditions, current medications, a family history and related symptoms are explored to help direct care.

In the physical examination the doctor pushes and prods the patient through a series of orthopedic, neurologic, postural, muscle and range of motion tests to help pinpoint injured or damaged structures. Together with the case history a physical examination gives a clinical picture from which individually designed treatment plans can be designed.

The typical chiropractic treatment at our office includes an adjustment to the problem area of the spine or extremities. Soft tissue work ( a focal rubbing of the muscles) and stretching of the muscles is frequently done to improve one’s range of motion and ease of movement.