It seems odd that as advanced as our society has become flexibility is still a topic of controversy. On any given day some “expert” can be found expounding on the virtues or vices of flexibility.

One of the problems humans face as we age is that our daily habits become more and more repetitive. A related fact is the simple act of walking becomes more and more linear. Oftentimes I have asked audiences – when is the last time you saw a senior citizen playing a game of tag? It clearly makes the point.

Flexibility is necessary for one to maintain a healthy range of motion of our joints. This is important in both the short and long terms. A large part of one’s balance sense comes from information registered in the joints. A stiff, inflexible joint poorly adapts to its surroundings and may result in early aging and untimely falls.

For the athlete flexibility needs to be optimized. Balanced movement is metabolically efficient, quicker and potentially less of a strain to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

So while the “experts” chatter on we practice that flexibility is a critical component to virtually all patients whether their chiropractic care be for rehabilitation, wellness maintenance or athletic performance.