Counting the sacrum there are 25 bones that make up the spinal column. For most of the general public their understanding of the spine does not get much more complicated than referring to the spinal column as the “back bone.”

In fact the 25 bones of the spine can all move back and forth in relation to each other. Individually there is not a great deal of movement but cumulatively this movement allows us to bend forward and backward or twist this way and that.

Problems can arise when adjacent joints do not properly move. This could be due to muscle spasm, adaptive postures (rounded shoulders) or even faulty gait patterns. If movement is life, loss of movement is literally a loss of life.

Flexion distraction is a gentle technique that isolates and opens up these fixed areas. It has also been shown to give relief to patients with low back disc problems. A third group that benefits from flexion distraction are those for which the traditional chiropractic adjustments might not be appropriate.