Kinesiotaping or K-taping is a recent innovation where specially designed stretchy cloth tape is applied to the body to aid performance and accelerate healing.

K-tape is strategically applied in certain areas of the body to help stabilize joints and influence joint and body posture.

When K-tape is used to encourage recovery it is placed on the body in such a way so as to pucker the skin. Studies have shown this puckering helps the lymph system (the garbage canal of the body) decrease inflammation and remove waste products. It is necessary to get the “bad” out before the good can come back in. The “good” in this case are nutrients and minerals that are the building blocks of healthy tissue.

K-tape can be used in both acute and chronic conditions. K-tape may help alleviate some discomfort of low back, neck or shoulder joint pain. Additionally hamstring, Achilles and ankle sprains usually respond well to this therapy.